Al Johara Al Hoqail with the girl who received part of her liver. Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: A young Saudi social media influencer has donated part of her liver to a little girl who was suffering from a life-threatening disease, local media reported.

The gesture of Al Johara Al Hoqail was praised by social media users, making her more popular on media platforms. She revealed that she made her decision despite injuries in both of her eyes that required retinal transplantation, emphasising that her medical condition did not prevent her from helping the girl.

Al Johara said that she had a passion for carrying out charity work even as a child. The hashtag Al Johara Al Hoqail has become a hit on social media soon after she announced that she had donated part of her liver to save the girl, a total stranger.

Her heroic act went viral on social media, with many users hailing her altruist act. Many of them said: “Al Johara had set the finest examples of sacrifice and love of goodness for others, and that she embodied all the meanings of empathy and giving."

Al Johara said that she had been looking for an opportunity for organ donation since she was 15. She made the donation to save the girl after hearing about her condition from her friend. Al Johara urged others to follow suit as there are many patients who die because of lack of donors.