illustrative surgery pic shared by WAM for cancer conference
The procedure cost 15,000 riyals per person. Image Credit: Picture used for illustrative purposes only

Dubai: A Saudi woman died following a botched liposuction procedure at a local medical center in Egypt.

The mother of eight traveled to Egypt last Friday with her sister, specifically to undergo liposuction after receiving recommendations through social media praising the clinic and its staff.

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The victim's husband said that his wife was completely healthy and had no pre-existing conditions. They had sent medical tests beforehand to ensure everything was in order. The procedure cost 15,000 riyals per person.

The surgery took an alarming turn, lasting seven hours, which worried the woman as she awaited her turn. Following her sister's prolonged surgery, she underwent the procedure but developed serious problems during recovery.

The husband said his wife regained consciousness only to express excruciating pain and soon after was found in a critical condition.

"I went to pray, and when I returned, I found my wife in a pool of blood," the man recounted. Despite immediate resuscitation efforts by the medical team, all attempts failed. The tragic event left the woman deceased, leaving behind eight children, with the youngest being only two years old.