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Cairo: Saudi police had arrested a citizen who had shot in public, putting other people’s lives in danger, a local newspaper has reported, the latest such arrests.

The man was apprehended by Riyadh police after he had illegally fired in the air in the Hotat Bani Tamim governorate near the capital, Okaz added.

The arrest was the second reported in Riyadh in a few weeks.

In late March, Riyadh police said they had arrested two young Saudis for having illegally shot in the air on a road and had appeared in a video bragging about the act.

In recent months, Saudi police have arrested several citizens and expatriates after they appeared in online footage involved in or bragging about perpetrating different offences.

Saudi prosecutors have reiterated the ban on possessing illegal firearms or ammunition or the use of guns for purposes other than those for which they were licenced.

“Shooting in public places or on occasions is prohibited,” public prosecution said. It warned that such acts are “cardinal crimes” that warrant arrest.