Photo for illustrative purpose. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Dubai: A woman has stolen a luxury Range Rover vehicle from a Saudi owner, media in the kingdom reported.

A video clip of the incident has gone viral on social media, showing the moment an unidentified woman, along with another person, stealing the vehicle in the presence of the owner in Riyadh.

It all started with the Saudi owner putting up his car for sale online, when he received a call from a woman wishing to buy it. They agreed to meet up the next day.

Wearing a black abaya, a facemask, and accompanied by another person, whom she claimed to be her brother, the woman arrived at the appointed place. The woman after test driving the vehicle, came to the owner’s house to finalize the deal through the Absher platform.

When the woman and accomplice arrived at the owner’s house, the Saudi owner got down the vehicle to open the garage door. That was enough for the woman to drive away the vehicle. As the vehicle speeds away, the video shows the man frantically running around.

The owner has reported the incident to the police, reports said. It is not yet known whether the thieves have been arrested.