Jeddah skyline Saudi Arabia
City skyline beside a highway in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia topped the G20 in terms of saving people with COVID-19, having the least fatalities of COVID-19 patients (0.62%), followed by Russia with (1.19%), and then Australia with (1.41%), Saudi media reported.

The G20 group had a total of 4,560,468 coronavirus infections or 71 per cent of the overall global infections and 383,616 deaths, or 5.9% of the global fatalities.

Overall, more than 6.4 million cases of covid-19 have been confirmed, including at least 381,000 deaths.

France recorded the highest death rate with 15.2%, followed by Italy with 14.3% and the United Kingdom with 14.1%.

As for recoveries, China ranked first with 93.4%, while Australia came second with 91.7%, and South Korea with 90.5%. The United Kingdom came at the bottom of recovery rates with 0.87%, followed by Indonesia with 28.8% and Argentina with 32.7%.

Saudi Arabia ranked 7th in the rate of recovery, reaching 73.9%, ahead of Italy, which recorded 68.5%, and Canada, which recorded 53.8%.

With regard to critical injuries, India came first with the highest rate of 4.32%, followed by Canada with 1.77% and Argentina with 1.57%. Saudi Arabia ranked 5th in critical injuries, at 1.42%.

The Saudi Ministry of Health has always stressed the importance of prevention and the adoption of precautionary measures, and warned against the consequences of neglecting any of them.

Spokesperson for the ministry, Dr. Mohammad Al Abdali, described the current number of critical cases as disturbing after exceeding 1,200 cases.

“Recording high numbers of infections during the past week is an indication of wrong behaviours,” Al Abdali said, urging members of entire society to follow health and other protocols.