Migrant workers, who work for Saudi Bin Ladin Group, gather as they ask for a final settlement over salary issue, in Riyadh. Image Credit: Reuters file

Cairo: Labour authorities in Saudi Arabia have unveiled new requirements designed to upgrade efficiency of services offered by the recruitment firms, achieve the highest level of customers’ satisfaction and bolster market attractiveness in the kingdom.

The new requirements include providing a minimum of performance in a way that guarantees raising the quality and efficiency of the recruitment service providers of different scales, the Ministry of Human Resources said.

The new requirements have been designed to guarantee rights protection, expedite the recruitment duration, achieve swift response to complaint solution, provide more options for clients and beneficiary companies as well as boost transparency and quality in the recruitment process and improve experience of the contractual relationship.

The ministry added that it will endeavour to gauge performance and continued verification of recruitment offices’ and firms’ compliance with the new requirements based on regulatory decrees pertaining to their work inside and outside the kingdom.

“These new requirements aim at fulfilling the strategic objectives defined by the ministry to raise efficiency and quality of recruitment offices and companies so that their implementation will contribute to raising the beneficiaries’ satisfaction,” the ministry said without giving specific details.

These requirements are expected to help open up new recruitment markets and expand the network of international relations, it added.

Saudi Arabia, home to a large community of migrant workers, has recently sought to regulate the domestic labour market in the kingdom.

To this end, the Ministry of Human Resources has set up Musaned, a platform responsible for domestic labour services, to help customers learn about their rights and duties, and related services including visa issuance, recruitment requests and contractual relation between the employer and the worker.

Musaned also helps regulate and automate the recruitment process starting from giving the customer access to all recruitment offices in the kingdom and picking the most suitable, depending on a host of factors including prices, and previous clients’ feedbacks without the need to visit them.