Saudi Arabia: Mobilisation as worshippers flock to Prophet’s Mosque in Medina during school break
Image Credit: X@wmngovsa

Cairo: Saudi authorities in charge of the Prophet’s Mosque, Islam’s second holiest site, in Medina, are mobilising efforts to receive worshippers from across the kingdom during the current school holiday, usually a pilgrimage season.

The General Authority for Care of the Two Holy Mosques said it has intensified services including disinfection and cleaning works, management of crowds entering and exiting the mosque, and assistance to the physically challenged and elderly visitors.

Dedicated prayer spaces and accessible walkways are available for elderly worshippers while visiting Al Rawda Al Sharifa, the revered site encompassing the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) within the mosque.

Floors are scented and rugs are sterilised with environmental substances to provide a safe, healthy environment, the state agency added.

Moreover, containers with the blessed Zamzam water are spread across the mosque, easily accessible to worshippers.

After performing Umrah or minor pilgrimage at the Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site, in Mecca, many pilgrims would flock to Medina to offer prayers at the Prophet’s Mosque and visit other Islamic landmarks in the city.

Authorities have said the Prophet’s Mosque received around 5.5 million worshippers in one week.