210226 Biden Salman
Saudi Arabia's King Salman and US President Joe Biden. Image Credit: AP/NYT

Riyadh: Saudi ‏King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has spoken with US President Joe Biden, reaffirming the historic and strategic partnership between the two countries.

During the call, the leader spoke of the need to solidify and strengthen cooperation to promote both countries’ interests, and achieve stability in the region and the world.

King Salman underscored the importance of strengthening mutual security cooperation to confront terrorism and its financing.

He commended Biden for expressing the US’s commitment to support the Kingdom in its defence of its lands and citizens.

King Salman also praised the US for standing with the Kingdom and meeting its defensive needs, which will help efforts to preserve security.

He expressed his support for efforts by the US to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and stressed the need to work together to counter the destabilizing activities of Iran’s proxies in the region.

King Salman affirmed that the Kingdom is committed to deescalating tensions in the region and promoting dialogue.

The Saudi ruler expressed the Kingdom’s resolve in reaching a comprehensive political resolution in Yemen, and its efforts to bring prosperity and security for the Yemeni people, referring to the Kingdom’s continuing humanitarian aid and reconstruction efforts.

Regarding energy and oil markets, King Salman stressed the importance of maintaining balance and stability in the oil markets, highlighting the role of the historic Opec Plus agreement in this regard, and the importance of maintaining the agreement.