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Dubai: Saudi Arabia has issued a new rule requiring passengers to yield their seats to families with children on public transport vehicles. The new regulation, published in the Saudi Official Gazette, outlines a detailed list of rights and responsibilities for public transport users, encompassing buses, trains, metro, and ships.

The comprehensive regulation comprises 76 articles and incorporates 6 tables detailing violations and penalties to ensure strict compliance. Among the noteworthy provisions, passengers are entitled to a range of rights when faced with cancellations or delays exceeding 120 minutes.

In cases of extended delays or trip cancellations, the carrier is mandated to provide passengers with several options. Passengers may choose to proceed with their journey, reschedule with alternative routes at no extra cost, or opt for a full ticket refund, returning to their point of origin.

However, the carrier is exempt from liability and minimum compensation for delays in arriving at the final destination, when it is caused by circumstances beyond their control. This includes instances where adverse weather conditions jeopardize safe operations or when exceptional circumstances or force majeure events disrupt regular services, despite all reasonable precautions taken.

Passengers experiencing trip cancellations have the right to select between a full ticket refund for the unused itinerary, accompanied by a compensation equivalent to 25 per cent of the ticket value for the canceled trip, or the option to explore alternative travel arrangements within three hours of the original departure time. This alternative must be in a class equivalent to their initial reservation, and it comes with compensation equal to 25 per cent of the ticket value for the canceled flight.