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Dubai: Saudi Arabia has bolstered legal safeguards for its elderly population, enacting stringent penalties for abuse or neglect.

Saudi Lawyer Noura Al Wanda, in her statement to the Al Ekhbariya channel, emphasised the kingdom's commitment to safeguarding the rights of the elderly, highlighting that the responsibility for their care primarily lies with their families.

Under the new regulations, any form of neglect or abuse of elderly individuals can lead to severe legal consequences, including up to one year in prison and fines reaching 500,000 riyals. Al Wanda noted that in cases where negligence results in a violation, the competent court will determine the appropriate punishment.

The Public Prosecution of Saudi Arabia has reiterated that the law to protect the rights of elderly people enforces these penalties to deter mistreatment of this vulnerable demographic. They stressed that the kingdom has granted the elderly exceptional protection and care, and this new law outlines the procedures for ensuring their well-being.

Key elements of the law include the right of the elderly to live with their family, as stated in the third article. Family members are responsible for providing shelter and care, following the sequence outlined in Article 6 of the law.

Furthermore, Article 15 of the law strictly prohibits the family's breadwinner from using the elderly's money without their consent. It also forbids any deliberate violation of rules protecting and caring for the rights of the elderly, especially regarding the misuse of funds owed to them.