Abha traffic saudi arabia
Saudi Arabia has announced heavy fines for motorists causing accidents. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has warned the public that motorists causing serious traffic accidents resulting in death or total impairment will be jailed for a maximum of four years and/or fined SR200,000, according to traffic regulations amendments.

During an interview with Al Ekhbariya, TV Saleh Al Ghamdi, Member of the Traffic Safety Committee, motorists who cause injuries in traffic accidents resulting in hospitalisation for a maximum 15 days will be imprisoned for at least two years and/or fined a maximum of SR100,000.

The amended regulations have specified eight types of violations. A fine of SR100 to SR150 will be imposed for leaving the vehicle with engine running, not possessing insurance, crossing roads in areas not specified for pedestrians, motorists not giving pedestrians the priority at pedestrian crossings.

Motorists jumping the traffic signal, overtaking while pupils are disembarking or boarding school buses, or driving in the opposite direction will be fined SR3,000 to SR6,000. Meanwhile, a fine of SR300 to SR500 will be imposed for throwing litter from the cars, not focusing on driving, holding an expired licence or not using a child seat.