Stock Saudi Riyadh skyline
A view shows buildings and houses in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul Aaziz Al Saud issued several royal orders on Friday, appointing new ministers and relieving others.

Dr. Essam bin Saad bin Saeed has been appointed as the new Minister of Hajj and Umrah in addition to his work as a minister of state and member of the Cabinet, replacing Mohammad Saleh bin Taher Benten who was relieved from his post, the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, said.

Sheikh Ali bin Suleiman bin Ali Al Sa’awi has been appointed as the head of the Supreme Administrative Court, at the rank of Minister, according to the royal order, replacing Ibrahim Bin Suleiman Bin Abdullah Al Rasheed, president of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC).

Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Duaij has been named as the chairman of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) with the rank of a minister, replacing Abdul Hadi bin Ahmed bin Abdul Wahab Al Mansouri.

The royal orders include the appointment of Abdul Hadi Bin Ahmed Bin Abdul Wahhab Al Mansouri as assistant minister of foreign affairs for executive affairs with the rank of a minister and the appointment of Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Arifi as the assistant to the minister of transport.

Meanwhile, Mohammad bin Tuwai’a Bin Saad Al Salami, assistant minister of human resources and social development has been relieved from his post. He has been replaced by Maher Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Ibrahim Al Qasim.

As per another royal order, Samir Bin Abdul Aziz Bin Mohammad Al Tabib has been appointed an adviser at the General Secretariat of the Cabinet.