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Naem at his workshop. Image Credit: Sabq

Cairo: After having worked in Saudi Arabia as a tailor for 30 years, an Indian had decided to retire and bring in his son to replace him in the job only to see him dying right in front of his eyes, a Saudi newspaper has reported.

The grief-stricken father, named Naem, said that after advancing in age and suffering a heart disease, he recently brought in his son to work in his place in his store in Al Aflaj governorate, around 300 kilometres from the Saudi capital Riyadh, to continue supporting the family back home, according to Sabq.

The son had arrived in Saudi Arabia before Ramadan that began in April, the father told the paper.

After the father spent Ramadan with the family in India, he returned to Saudi Arabia to inquire after his son and train him in the new job before leaving again for the homeland.

But much to his shock, two days after his return to the kingdom, the father saw his son killed in a road crash. The son was laid to rest in Al Aflaj, he added.