Jeddah: The Emir of Makkah region Prince Khaled Al Faisal inaugurated the Jeddah Waterfront project in a prestigious opening ceremony on Wednesday. The SR 800 million-project that lies on the coast of the Red Sea stretches from north to south of Jeddah, covering a total area of 730,000 square meters with a length of more than 4.5 kilometers.

Jeddah: Jeddah’s new waterfront is now open for visitors. The colossal project was officially inaugu-rated on Wednesday during a grand opening ceremony led by Prince Khalid Al Faisal, the Emir of Mak-kah region.

The new waterfront attractions—which spans an area of 730,000 kilometres along the city’s 4.5 kilome-tre-long coastline on the Red Sea—cost SR 800 million.

It has three new beaches for swimming, 25 huts, 100 washrooms and a 125-metre dock stretching into the sea.

In addition, it has restaurants, parks, and play areas for children.

The water front also features a 480-metre sea wall, dancing fountains, access to Wi-Fi, and facilities for the disabled.

LED lights and high-tech surveillance cameras were also installed.

The area can accommodate 120,000 people at one time and has a parking capacity of 3,000 cars.