200827 Mohammed Hamza
Mohammed Hamza. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Iconic Saudi drama actor and playwright Mohammed Hamza died on Wednesday, local media reported. He was 87.

As one of the pioneers of the Saudi drama movement, Hamza made outstanding contributions to the Saudi theatre scene.

Hamza was born and brought up in Medinah before he moved to the Red Sea city of Jeddah where he worked at a civil aviation company. Known for dedicating his entire life to the drama industry in the Kingdom, Hamza played various roles as an actor, playwright, and writer of TV serials. He also produced dramas.

Hamza engaged his sons, Wael and Louai, with him in most of his works. Among his celebrated works are ‘The Fingers of Time’, ‘The Fulfillment of Love’, ‘The Agony of Silence’, and ‘The Wedding’.

He played the starring role in serials such as ‘People of the Country’ in 2013 and ‘A Night of Escape’ in 1989, and he also participated in the TV serial ‘Al Zeer Salem’.

In 2006, Hamza was honoured at the Cairo Radio and Television Festival in recognition of his contributions to the Arab artistic landscape. He had a special taste for local drama through works, and despite the passing years, some of his works are still memorable, such as ‘The Fingers of Time’.

Tributes and condolences poured in on social media platforms by artists, cultural figures and intellectuals who mourned the death of Hamza and recalled his talents and famous works.