The deserted streets in the holy city of Mecca on April 8 during a a curfew to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Thirty-four people have been arrested in different areas of Saudi Arabia for violating a curfew and health dictates in place to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Saudi news agency has reported.

The offenders include two Saudi citizens who appeared in a video recklessly driving while the curfew was in force in a residential area in the capital Riyadh and shooting in the air.

A Saudi woman was, meanwhile, arrested in the southern region of Assir after she had uploaded an online video showing her driving during the curfew.

Security agencies also arrested three Bangladeshi residents for violating health precautions by bringing a barber to their residence, the agency added.

Violations of the curfew in Saudi Arabia are punishable by a fine of 10,000 Saudi riyals. The fine doubles in case of repetition. Repeat offenders also risk jailing for 20 days.