Manama: Foreign workers represent 94.2 per cent of the total economically active population in Qatar in 2010, statistics indicate

According to a report issued by the Permanent Population Committee (PPC), Qatar's economic boom has led to the recruitment of 1,271,000 foreigners and technology has not reduced the number of foreign workers recruited for selected jobs.

The "Qatar Population Status 2011, two years after the launch of the population policy" said that among the specific jobs are civil engineers, technicians, cleaning workers and accountants.

Women labour force amounts to 12.3% of the overall labour force while semi- skilled and unskilled workers make up around 75% of the total foreign workers. Around 11% of the total non-Qatari labour force are domestic workers, Qatari daily Gulf Times said on Monday.

The report said that around two thirds of Qatar's population of 15 years and above were single.

Doha has the highest population density in the country with 47per cent of inhabitants living there. The density is 3,394 persons per sq km, while Al Shamal has the lowest rate at 1 per cent - less than nine persons per sq km.

The number of students increased as well as opportunities for males and females within the Qatari education system. The number of students enrolled in public, independent and private schools rose from 65,675 males and 65,381 females in 2004 to 92,117 males and 88,225 females in 2010.

Spending on public health care amounted to 7.2 per cent of the total budget of 2010-2011. Consequently, life expectancy increased to 78.2 years in 2010 and infant mortality rate declined to 6.7 per thousand in the same year.

Women's economic activity improved significantly and around 36.6 per cent of the total labour force in 2010 was Qatari women.