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Cairo: Qatar has said that Kuwait has launched a new initiative to end the emirate’s long-standing dispute with Gulf neighbours.

“The atmosphere is positive about this initiative,” Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani told Qatari TV Al Jazeera.

He hoped that the new move will result in ending the three-year rift.

“We hope that the new initiative will differ from the previous ones and there will be seriousness in dealing with Kuwait’s initiative,” he said without giving details.

On June 5 2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt broke off diplomatic and transportation links with Qatar over its support for extremist groups.

The boycott has taken a toll on the tiny emirate’s economy. It has also cast a shadow over the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) that comprises Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

Over the past three years, Kuwait has sought to end the rift without success so far. Kuwait has recently renewed its efforts.

“We are open to dialogue,” the Qatari minister said. “He who makes one step will get 10 from us on condition that such a step is serious and sincere,” he added.

The official said that a dialogue between Qatar and Saudi Arabia held late last year was positive, but was halted without reasons.

“The region is experiencing a tense time. There should be wisdom to ensure that the situation will not explode,” the Qatari minister said.

The Saudi-led bloc has announced a raft of conditions for mending fences with Doha.

The demands include Qatar’s severance of links with militant and terror groups, scaling down ties with Iran and shutting down Al Jazeera TV, seen as a mouthpiece of the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Qatar has refused the conditions, saying they violate its sovereignty.

The Arab quartet has accused Qatar of lacking seriousness in resolving the crisis.