201201 Tigers
The baby tigers with their owner. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Two new tiger cubs have been born in a zoo in the coastal city of Barka in northern Oman, just a few months after the birth of the first pair of tiger cubs in the Sultanate.

Born just a few days ago to mother Luna, aged 10, and eight-year-old Pablo, who has now become a father for the second time, the big cat cubs were born in Al Noman Zoo, an hour drive from Muscat.

The owner, Ahmed Al Balushi, is overjoyed at the birth of the striped orange-and-white baby tigers but says he will leave it to the cubs’ parents to raise the duo.

Al Balushi said he raised the previous pair by himself but will not repeat the experience as it is better for the new baby tigers to be raised by their parents.

“If the babies stay with their mother, they will get the best care from her, as well as mother’s milk, which is the best nourishment they can receive to grow in a healthy environment,” he said. “We did not expect the arrival of the two more tiger cubs just a few months after the birth of the previous pair…this is truly a blessing.”

“The reason I was keen on raising the first two cubs by myself is because I once saw the mother put one of her cubs into the water, I was afraid she might drown, because she was very small, and did not know how to swim,” Al Balushi added.

“With the new cubs, it is better that the mother take care, so that they learn how to survive and live from their parents.”

The parents of the four cubs came to Oman from Italy.

The new arrivals at Al Noman Zoo were born on November 25, about five months after their siblings, who came into this world on June 17.

Al Balushi is hopeful more people will be allowed to visit his zoo in the future, so that he can show his tigers and the other 150 animal species he has in his zoo to the public.

“The coronavirus pandemic has really damaged a lot of businesses in the country, but I can understand that protecting people’s lives is more important,” he added.