World Mental Health Day: Here's how social media risks your mental health
Health workers are suffering from anxiety attacks and depression. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Oman is witnessing a noticeable rise in the number of healthcare workers requiring mental health support due to anxiety and insomnia in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, local media reported.

Dr. Faryal Al Lawati, Head of the communicable diseases unit at the Royal Hospital, said the cases have increased significantly in recent times. “The number of medical staff who suffer from anxiety and insomnia and need psychological care has increased recently. There is a limit to what the medical staff can deal with,” she said in an interview with Oman TV.

“If people in public cannot tolerate wearing a mask for one hour and can’t stop attending public gatherings, think about the medical staff who wear protective kits for a long time,” Dr Faryal asked.

Oman has seen a rise in coronavirus cases in the last few weeks which has put pressure on the health system in the country. According to Dr. Nawal Al Mahjiri, Head of the Psychosomatic Medicine Unit at the Royal Hospital, many health workers are suffering from anxiety attacks and depression. “Health teams in hospitals have come under great psychological pressure and need support from everyone, during the pandemic,” he added.