Oman rain floods
A file photo of an overflowing wadi in Oman. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Sixteen people have died, while four are still missing due to flash floods and extreme weather conditions that Oman witnessed over the past few days, local media reported

Brigadier General Mohammad bin Nasser Al Kindi, Director General of Operations at the Royal Oman Police said that more than 40 people were rescued in the last five days.

The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) said it is still searching for the missing people in Dhofar Governorate. A family of eight went missing after they were washed away in the waves on Al Mughsayl beach in Salalah.

Starting Sunday, Oman is expected to experience another bout of unstable weather due to a low air pressure formation in northeast of the Arabian Sea, the Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement.

The low-pressure situation is currently forming near the Indian coastal region of Gujarat. On Friday night and Saturday morning, it can develop into a tropical depression as it moves west towards the coast of the Sea of Oman in the next two days.

Rainfall of varying intensity, ranging between 30 and 80 mm, can lead to the flooding of valleys and reefs. There may be reduced horizontal visibility during thunderstorms. The sea will be rough with waves on the coasts of the Sea of Oman and the Arabian Sea, with a maximum height of 4 metres. There may be chances of sea water extending over some low-lying coastal parts.

Tourists sites reopened

Oman has reopened tourists sites that were closed temporarily due to the inclement weather conditions, CDAA said announced on Thursday. However, Al Mughsayl beach in Dhofar governorate will remain closed due to the “continued national efforts for search of missing persons,” CDAA added.