Kuwait City: Kuwaiti authorities have vowed an inquiry over dances deemed immoral at a recent concert, Kuwaiti media reported on Monday.

Footage from a concert held Thursday at an hotel showed some male and female fans dancing in admiration to a performance of Iraqi singer Hossam Al Rassam.

The fan reaction triggered an outcry from several lawmakers in conservative Kuwait.

“We won’t allow any depravity or cheap dancing as happened at the Iraqi singer’s concert,” said MP Mohammad Haif.

“The Minister of Information has to take all deterrent and necessary measures to ensure this will not happen again,” added the lawmaker.

“Such patterns of behaviour are rejected by our conservative society,” said MP Majed Al Muteiri.

Minister of Information Mohammad Al Jabri announced forming a committee to investigate the incident.

“After the end of the investigation, we will take the legal procedures against anyone found to have committed a violation,” the minister said, according to Al Rai newspaper.

“Generally, we do not accept any practices, which do not comply with our moral and social set-up,” he added.

In an initial step, the ministry ordered a three-month suspension of the license of the company that organised the concert, according to Al Rai.