Manama: A new political storm is brewing in Kuwait where there is increasing opposition of a motion to grill Prime Minister Shaikh Jaber Al Mubarak.

The motion was filed by MP Shuaib Al Muwaizri earlier this month arguing that the state ministries had failed to manage the crisis linked to the floods that brought the country to a standstill earlier this month.

The rain caused the death of one individual and heavy damages to infrastructure and public and private property.

Public institutions and schools were ordered shut and people requested to exercise the highest levels of caution as the authorities leapt into action to ensure safety and security.

However, several lawmakers complained about the state’s response to the situation.

On November 12, Speaker Marzouq Al Ghanem said the parliament received the grilling motion and processed it according to standard procedures.

Under the Kuwaiti constitution, lawmakers have the right to quiz all ministers, including the prime minister.

However, MP Khalil Al Saleh, a member of the Legal and Legislative Committee, said the motion was not in line with the constitution.

“I have listened to several constitution experts and they affirmed that the motion was not constitutional,” he said, without explaining why.

MP Khalaf Dumaitheer said he resented “the provocative and challenging manner in which some MPs are engaged in filing motions to grill the Prime Minister on issues that are not within his prerogatives.”

“I will be the first to request that the motion be referred to the Legal and Legislative Committee because it is not constitutional since the issue is not within the Premier’s prerogatives,” he said.

“Some lawmakers are attempting through such actions to dissolve the parliament, but this will not happen. This is child’s play and unwarranted misuse of constitutional means.”

Al Ghanem said the Emir Shaikh Jaber Al Sabah “trusted the shrewdness and wisdom of the lawmakers to resist arbitrary or abusive use of the constitutional means.

It is the responsibility of the lawmakers to address such malpractices, the Emir said.

The grilling motion will be debated by the parliament at its session on Tuesday or on Wednesday.