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Cairo: A Kuwaiti appeals court has upheld a life sentence earlier handed down to a Kuwaiti woman convicted of locking up her daughter inside a house toilet and keeping her body there for five years.

In May, a criminal court had sentenced the woman to life imprisonment on charges of killing her daughter and keeping her body in the house.

The woman had pleaded not guilty during a criminal trial, saying she had found her daughter dead and did not report it to authorities for fear of legal punishment and consequently kept her corpse, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Anba reported.

However, a son of the convict said his mother told him she had incarcerated his sister and that she had confided in him the news of her death after he told her he would take the detained girl and live away from the family house.

The case dates back to October of last year.

The woman denied she had intended to kill her daughter, claiming she wanted to restrain her behaviour.

Prosecutors accused the woman of having locked up the daughter in a small room inside the family’s house since 2012, denying her access to basics and education.

Later, the daughter was placed inside a toilet where she died and her body found decomposed, media said.

During the five years, the mother had welded the windows and installed ventilators to prevent smell of the dead body from spreading outside, according to media reports. Nether the age of the convict nor that of her daughter was given.