Police car
Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A routine operation to apprehend a wanted citizen in Kuwait’s neighbourhood of Sulaibiya took a dramatic turn when detectives were met not just with resistance, but with a pack of aggressive dogs.

Sources close to the investigation said that the detectives were acting on reliable information indicating the whereabouts of the wanted individual, believed to be hiding out at a friend’s home.

But when officers arrived at the specified residence and knocked, they were met by an unexpected assailant: an expatriate, later determined to be residing in the country illegally.

He wasn’t alone. Flanked by multiple aggressive dogs, he made a calculated decision to release the animals onto the unsuspecting detectives.

The ensuing melee resulted in several officers suffering from lacerations due to the frenzied canine attack.

Swift reinforcements were dispatched to the scene, enabling the successful detention of both the original fugitive and the expatriate who had orchestrated the surprise dog attack.

Now in custody, charges are being prepared against the expatriate, highlighting the unpredictable challenges law enforcement officials often face in the line of duty.