Kuwaiti police officers man a checkpoint at the entrance the town of Jeleeb Al-Shuyoukh. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Kuwaiti police have launched a manhunt to identify and arrest a person who escaped after allegedly running over a police officer after crashing into a police patrol, local media reported.

According to Al Rai newspaper, the incident took place in Sulaibiya when the officer asked the suspect to pull over and ordered him to show his personal documents.

The suspect allegedly pulled over and when the officer asked for personal documents. The man refused to comply, and got into an argument with the officer, following which he stepped on the gas pedal, hit the officer, collided with his vehicle, and escaped.

The source added the details of the fugitive and his vehicle plate number have been circulated to all police patrols.

Of late, Kuwait has witnessed a spike in cases of assault against police officers. Earlier this week, a Kuwaiti drug addict was arrested for stealing a vehicle and hacking a police officer with a machete.

According to a security source, an expat woman has contacted police telling them she saw her brother’s stolen car in Salmiya area driven by someone she does not know.

A police patrol was dispatched to the area where they tried to stop the suspect, but he refused, attacked one of the officers and drove away.

The accused was pursued and forced to stop and upon checking his name, it was found that he was a Kuwaiti citizen with a past criminal record and police found he had stolen the car, in which drugs were found.