Manama: Police in Kuwait have launched an investigation into the murder of a domestic helper who had been beaten to death by her employer.

The probe was started after a man told the police that his wife had killed the helper two months earlier and buried her in the desert.

However, a search for the body in the area where the husband believed it was buried yielded nothing while the wife denied the accusations and insisted that the helper had absconded and that they had reported her disappearance to the police.

The case seemed to be heading nowhere, especially after the husband retracted his accusations, saying that they were not true and that he levelled them against his wife following a heated argument between them, and that he wanted to punish her, local Arabic daily Al Rai reported on Tuesday.

However, the police refused to believe the husband’s version and extended its investigation to include the watchman of the building where the couple lived.

Encouraged to recall if he had seen any suspicious behaviour by the couple in the last two months, the watchman said that he had seen the husband and wife one evening carry a heavy box.

Building on the new lead, the police went back to the place in the desert where they looked again for the helper’s body, this time using dogs to help them with the search.

The body was eventually found and the police confronted the couple who confessed that the wife had hit the helper with a large stick until she collapsed and died.

The couple took the body to the desert where they buried her under the sands late in the evening.

The next day, they told the police that their helper had left the house and that they did not know where she was.

The couple will be referred to the public prosecution following the investigation.