Kuwait City
File photo: An aerial view Kuwait City. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Kuwait has announced key changes to the regulations governing the acquisition of regular residency for family members.

The revisions, issued by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of Interior, Fahd Al Yousef, modify specific provisions within the executive regulations of the Expats' Residence Law.

Under revised Article 29, applying for a dependent or family visa (for newcomers) requires a monthly salary of not less than KD800, a university degree, and a relevant profession. However, certain professions are now exempt from the degree requirement.

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Significantly, individuals born in Kuwait or abroad (aged 0-5) with parents residing in Kuwait are exempt from the salary requirement, subject to the approval of the Director General of the General Administration of Residence Affairs.

The second article of this revision assigns the responsibility of implementing this decision to the acting Undersecretary, with the amendment effective from its publication date in the Official Gazette.

The professions exempted from the university degree requirement, as detailed in Article 30 of Ministerial Resolution No. 957/2019, include:

1.    Advisors, judges, prosecutors, experts, and legal researchers in the government sector.

2.    Medical professionals, including doctors and pharmacists.

3.    University, college, and higher institute professors.

4.    School administrators, vice principals, education mentors, teachers, social workers, and laboratory attendants in the government sector.

5.    Financial and economic advisors in universities.

6.    Engineers.

7.    Imams, preachers, and muezzins in mosques.

8.    Librarians in government agencies and private universities.

9.    Ministry of Health staff, including nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, and social service workers.

10.   Social workers and psychologists in the government sector.

11.   Journalism, media professionals, and correspondents.

12.   Sports coaches and athletes in federations and clubs.

13.   Pilots and flight attendants.

14.   Professionals overseeing burial preparations and services.