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Kuwait city skyline. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: The Ministry of Interior of Kuwait has announced significant changes to the application process for dependent visas, effective from Sunday.

The move follows the directives of Sheikh Fahd Al Yousef, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and Acting Minister of Interior.

According to the updated regulations, expatriates wishing to bring their families to Kuwait will now have to meet more stringent requirements.

The revised policy mandates a minimum salary cap of 800 Kuwaiti dinars for eligibility. Additionally, applicants are required to hold a university degree, and their employment in Kuwait must correspond with their academic qualifications.

These changes come as part of an effort to streamline the dependent visa issuance process and ensure that expatriates applying for family visas meet specific standards. It will also regulate the expatriate community in Kuwait, focusing on attracting and retaining highly skilled and educated professionals