Kuwait: Kuwait is saying “no” to “Pokemon Go” in certain places.

The emirate’s Interior Ministry issued a statement Friday warning users of the smash mobile phone application from taking pictures of any vital government, military or security location.

It also warned users not to pounce on Pikachus or chase Charmanders at mosques, shopping centers, malls and oil installations.

Lt. Gen. Sulaiman Al Fahad at the ministry said: “No excuses will be accepted by anyone claiming ignorance of the law.”

Though “Pokemon Go” hasn’t officially come to nations in the Gulf, many have downloaded the app. Authorities in the UAE also have warned users to be careful while chasing digital critters in the augmented reality game.

On Thursday, Al Azhar, Egypt’s top Islamic institution, condemned the craze as “harmful mania”, in the first comment by authorities in the mostly Muslim country on the top-rated mobile phone game.

“This game makes people look like drunkards in the streets and on the roads while their eyes are glued to the mobile screens leading them to the location of the imaginary Pokemon in the hope of catching it,” said Abbas Shuman, deputy head of Al Azhar.