Three doctors have recently been attacked while on duty in hospitals in Kuwait. Image Credit: File photo

Cairo: Three doctors have recently been attacked while on duty in hospitals in Kuwait, the latest in such assaults on medical workers, a local media group said.

One doctor had been assaulted at a health centre in the suburb of Umm Al Hayman in the Governorate of Al Ahmadi and two others attacked in the Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital, the Kuwait Medical Association added.

“The association has been reassured about the health status of the doctors and the association’s lawyer will defend them,” the head of the union’s Ombudsman Committee Dr Maytham Hussein said without giving details.

He regretted what he called “repeated attacks” on doctors in the country.

“The association will not tolerate these attacks and will defend doctors and protect them by means of law,” he was quoted by Al Rai newspaper as saying.

“Assaults on doctors should not go with impunity and assailants must be held liable to law.”

Earlier this month, a Kuwaiti court convicted two patients of assaulting hospitals workers and handed them down suspended jail sentencing.

The Misdemeanour Court sentenced the pair to one-year imprisonment suspended for three years and ordered them to pay a bail of KD1,000 each after finding them guilty of attacking a doctor and an assistant in a hospital in the governorate of Al Farwaniyah.

The defendants claimed that the violence erupted after they were leapfrogged and other patients were allowed to be served before them.

The court exonerated the two medics from reciprocating violence with the assailants.

In explaining its verdict, the court said it aims to protect public employees after a recent series of attacks on them while on duty.