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Dubai: Kuwait Ports Authority revealed, according to a report in Al Anba daily, that it is mandatory for Gulf nationals and expatriates visiting the country to undergo biometric fingerprinting as a first step to be allowed entry if they have not done so before traveling.

The mandatory fingerprint for visitors is subject to the density of flights that arrive at airports. However, the procedure is not mandatory for Kuwaitis coming from abroad, the media outlet reported quoting a security source.

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“The number of flights and arrivals must be evaluated and in the event that the fingerprint can be completed for them within hours, they are asked to wait,” the newspaper said.

However, in case of density, passengers are allowed to leave, pointing out that there are flights that obligated all expatriates and Gulf citizens to undergo biometric fingerprint, and that all ports have fingerprint devices and that they are conducted within about a minute, the source told Al Anba.

Kuwaitis traveling outside the country are not required to do fingerprinting, as those who did not conduct it are allowed to travel for it, but they need to do so when they return.