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Cairo: Two expatriate men, one of them still at large, have been sentenced to death by hanging for murdering their wives, a Kuwaiti newspaper.

One convict is a Sudanese national, who last March fatally stabbed his divorced wife who was living with him in the same apartment along with their children, added Al Anba.

After the murder, he gave himself up to police, saying he had stabbed her after a dispute due to her allegedly unaffordable demands.

In a separate case, Kuwait’s Criminal Court tried in absentia an Egyptian man on charges of killing his wife from the Philippines before escaping from Kuwait.

The doorman of the building where the couple lived reported to police that he had got a voice note from the man informing him that his wife’s dead body was lying inside their apartment after he had suffocated her to death and then he left Kuwait with his two children. A third child was left behind in a kindergarten in Kuwait, the report said. The motive for the murder was not clear.

The court convicted the fugitive defendant and sentenced him to death. His whereabouts were not disclosed.

Foreigners make up nearly 3.4 million of Kuwait’s overall population of 4.6 million.