Manama: A Bahraini lawmaker on Tuesday burned the Israeli flag during a regular session to protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

However, the unexpected gesture by MP Osama Muhanna has caused panic among the unsuspecting lawmakers and filled the hall with smoke, prompting the speaker to suspend the session.

The MP was immediately accused of engaging in spectacular acts to draw attention.

“We are all with Palestine and we fully support Gaza and condemn the Israeli aggression,” MP Ahmad Al Saati said following the short break. “However, we do not express ourselves in theatrical gestures. I request the parliament to take the appropriate action.”

Speaker Khalifa Al Dhahrani said that there would measures to ensure the incident is not repeated.

“All lawmakers and visitors will have to be checked to ensure the highest safety levels for all, especially that the lawmaker has apparently sneaked in a bottle filled with fuel,” he said.