Manama: Bahrain’s appeals court upheld a one-year jail term earlier given by a lower court against a woman found guilty of assaulting two police personnel at the airport, newspaper Al Bilad reported.

The case dates back to January this year when the 25-year-old woman landed in Bahrain for transit before she was to fly to Muscat.

She looked unstable as she approached the scanning machine and refused to hand over her mobile phone as part of the boarding security measures.

When a policewoman on duty asked her to hand over the device, the passenger, who is an Arab citizen, refused, and tossed it on the ground.

She attacked the policewoman, inflicting bruises on her face, according to the report.

She also assaulted a policeman and tore his clothes.

After her arrest, the assailant told investigators she had drunk alcohol when she was in the plane for the first time in her life, making her unable to control herself.

The woman was charged with physically and verbally assaulting public servants and causing them bodily harm.