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Dubai: A woman has been arrested in Bahrain for allegedly beating up her son’s classmate while returning from school, local media reported.

The Public Prosecution has ordered a thorough investigation into the incident, which was apparently caught by one of the surveillance cameras in the area before someone posted it on all social media platforms.

The video was among the most watched across Bahrain with many urging the authorities to take strict action against the accused. It is reported that the victim’s mother informed the Child Protection Centre under the Social Development Ministry after coming to know about the incident.

The video shows the woman beating up the victim, who had a school bag mounted on his back. Although he was attempting to resist the attack, the woman would throw many punches before leaving the place.

The Public Prosecution said on Wednesday the case has been registered after watching the video. “The accused, who admitted to assaulting the child, said she did the act in revenge after the boy previously assaulted her son. A pretrial detention of the accused pending investigation has been ordered,” a statement issued by the Public Prosecution said.

Meanwhile, the Child Protection Centre has been asked to offer support to the victim while assessing his psychological condition following the assault. The centre has also been asked to provide a report to the Public Prosecution in this regard.

The Family and Child Prosecution stated that the child is eligible for social and legal protection and his safety will be guaranteed by all means. “What the accused did is undoubtedly criminal behaviour. The justification put forward by the accused that her son was earlier beaten up by her victim is not acceptable, both socially and legally.”