Caption: The company entrance set on fire - COURTESY Provided by Ministry of Interior

Manama: A group of people set a company office ablaze and exploded two gas cylinders inside it, Bahrain police said on Wednesday.

“The police were informed at 3.14am about the incident and an investigation team was dispatched to the company premises in the Budaya area,” the interior ministry said on its Twitter account. “Most of the company offices were damaged in the arson attack. The police have launched an investigation to identify the terrorists and bring them to justice,” the ministry said.

The attack west of the capital Manama was the latest in a recent series of assaults on public figures and security personnel in the kingdom rocked by months of unrest and marked by deep divergences over the merit and purpose of the events that occurred in February and March 2011.

On Monday, there was a petrol bomb attack on the home of MP Abbas Eisa Al Madhi, the chairman of parliament’s Services Committee, in the coastal village of Dair in Muharraq, the country’s second largest island.

No was hurt in the 4.15am assault, but a car stationed near the house and the main gate and the garage door were damaged.

The police said that three people suspected of the attack with petrol bombs have been arrested.

The parliament has condemned the attack while the government said that it was an assault on democracy.