A tear gas gun is seen smashed into pieces after a remotely detonated bomb that injured at least seven policemen on patrol in the village of Bani-Jamra, west of Manama May 29, 2013. A source said that there was an ambush while police were working on unblocking roads and that three of them were seriously wounded. Image Credit: REUTERS

Manama: Bahrain police early on Thursday arrested 10 suspects after a bomb attack that injured seven policemen on patrol a few hours earlier.

Two arrest announcements, one related to seven suspects and the other to three, were posted an hour apart on the ministry’s Twitter account. The police added that the search operation and investigation they launched after the attack was continuing.

Earlier, the general director of the Northern Governorate Police said an explosion in Bani Jamra, a village west of the capital Manama, targeted on-duty policemen. 

“The blast injured seven policemen, including one officer who is in critical condition,” he said.  “Two other officers sustained serious injuries.  All seven were referred to the hospital for treatment.

“The bomb was a homemade device thought to have been placed by terrorists.”

Policemen on patrol often come under attack near villages, either in direct clashes with rioters or in ambushes when they attempt to remove debris from roads.