Ostrich appears during Spanish politician's interview Image Credit: Facebook

A curious ostrich became an unexpected guest on television during an interview Miguel Angel Revilla, the President of Cantabria was giving. The video was shared by the politician himself on his Facebook page on May 24.

The viral video shows an inquisitive ostrich standing behind the politician and looking over his shoulder and pecking around. However, sporting a mask and gloves, Revilla did not notice the bird and continued speaking.

The incident occurred when Revilla held a press conference to speak about the reopening of a zoo after the coronavirus restrictions.

Referring to an internet conspiracy theory that the animated comedy show The Simpsons predicts future events, Revilla also shared a picture with a scene from the series with the caption: “The Simpsons already predicted it.”

Netizens found the video hilarious and many made jokes.

Tweep @olivewinterleaf wrote: “Having long since lost interest in flying, ostriches now share a keen interest in politics, philosophy and economics… #political #ostrich”