Dutch minister falls
Dutch minister falls in parliament Image Credit: Twitter

The Dutch minister for medical care, Bruno Bruins, briefly collapsed on Wednesday during a debate in parliament regarding coronavirus and the video is being shared online.

According to Bruins, he fainted due to exhaustion from weeks of intense work as the country battles COVID-19.

In the clip, the 56-year-old is seen standing behind a lectern while taking questions. Soon after, he stumbles and falls before being helped up by fellow ministers. He then takes a sip of water.

After the incident, Bruins, @bruno_bruins, took to Twitter and wrote: “Thanks for all your support for just now. I suffered from faintness from exhaustion and intensive weeks. Now things are going better again. I'm going home now to rest tonight, so I can get back to work tomorrow #coronacrisis to fight as well as possible.”

When Bruins fainted, he was being questioned by opposition parliamentarian Geert Wilders, @geertwilderspvv, who took to Twitter to wish the minister well after the incident. He wrote: “Get well soon @bruno_bruins and take a good rest!”

The Netherlands’ National Institute for Health (RIVM) confirmed over 2,050 cases of coronavirus, with 58 deaths.