Dubai: She can draw a near-perfect circle, critique Disney films like a mini-sized Barry Norman, sing I Can Sing A Rainbow perfectly and distinguish her purples from her pinks. Georgia Brown has an IQ of 152 and is a celebrated member of British Mensa. At two, she is also its youngest.

The toddler from Hampshire astounded experts of the high-intelligence society by her IQ test score, which put her in the top two per cent of the population for her age, BBC Online reported. Psychologist Joan Freeman, who tested Georgia, said she thought the girl could have scored even higher but needed a nap after 45 minutes of work.

Georgia's mother, Lucy, told BBC: "It's fantastic. We're so proud as a family."

Georgia showed enough signs of a fast learner: she was crawling at five months, walking at nine months and, by 18 months, was having proper conversations using words such as "arrogant".

Her family called in Prof Freeman from Middlesex University to test her IQ, the website reported. Prof Freeman said she used the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale test and was "elated" by what she found.

"She is able to answer questions five and six-year-olds can't. If you take a normal two-year-old, they cannot hold a pencil, they don't know the colours and they would not be able to answer those questions," she told the BBC.