Please elaborate briefly on Tradewind’s products and service portfolio.

Tradewind Finance is a trade finance provider that is headquartered in Germany and has offices around the globe, including Dubai. We specialise in international export factoring and supply chain finance. Our financial solutions improve cash flow for businesses, and also include credit protection and collections services. This comprehensive financial package enables companies to maximise their liquidity and trade securely. The bulk of our clients are SMEs, who are able to turn to us for funding because of our flexibility.

How strong is the German SME presence here in the UAE and how best has Tradewind managed to expand its reach in the country?

German SMEs play a pivotal role globally, not just in the UAE, though we are seeing the benefits of their strong presence here in the Emirates. They have a large impact on local employment, career opportunities and growth. Tradewind, as a Germany-headquartered firm, is no exception to this phenomenon. We have been increasing staffing year after year, even during the pandemic and various economic challenges.

We have chosen to make Dubai our regional (Asia) hub from which we steer the whole continent. Various partnerships with local and international players, right here in Dubai, have enabled us to grow our business and expand our reach.

Supply chain finance globally is facing issues, but there are challenges too in a post-Covid world. What expertise and support does Tradewind offer its clients in this space?

At the crux of it, supply chain finance optimises cash flow for buyers and suppliers. Our bespoke financial solutions enable our clients to get immediate access to capital while allowing them to establish longer payment terms with their buyers, who have the flexibility to pay us at a later date. Because of our strong global network of buyers and suppliers, we are well positioned to support relations between the two.

On behalf of Tradewind, please share a message to the German people and UAE Leadership on the occasion of German Unity Day?

During a recent visit of the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz to the UAE, both parties discussed various ways to increase their strategic partnership in the economic, investment and trade sectors. They will both focus on cooperation in areas such as renewable energy, food security, advanced science and technology, while making joint efforts in addressing climate change. We look forward to seeing what these two industrious economies can achieve by strengthening their relationship with one another and putting their talents together.