London: Two weeks ago, Mark Spendley was the coolest teacher in school — and an apparently happily married man. Pupils loved his talk about the bands he played guitar for, and his boasts of rebelliousness.

But today the 35-year-old's career and marriage are in jeopardy after two former pupils turned up on his doorstep and —in front of his wife Claire, 29 — claimed he had affairs with them.

Police have now arrested Spendley on suspicion of "abuse of position at a school" and seized his and the teenage girls' mobile phones and e-mail records. He has also been suspended from work. One of his two alleged lovers Sirisha Chhibber, 19, yesterday told the Mail about the relationship she claims began on her last day of school.

Chhibber, who is of Indian descent, said: "Spendley told me I was the Yoko Ono to his John Lennon — and ironically John Lennon was married, and left his wife for Yoko, like me an artistic Asian woman..."