People walk away from Brussels airport after explosions rocked the facility in Brussels, Belgium Image Credit: PTI

Brussels: Facebook's "Safety Check" feature was activated in Brussels, following a series of terror attacks that rocked the Belgian capital on Tuesday.

At least three deadly explosions hit the European Union's political capital — two at the airport and the other at city’s Metro station  —  killing several people and injuring dozens, according to Belgian authorities.

The carnage led to the airport's shutdown, and most of the in-bound flights had been diverted to neighbouring countries. Security had been beefed up in major European cities.

Social media users turn to Facebook to check if their friends and family are affected.

Facebook's Safety Check feature initially allowed users to let their friends and kin know they are safe following natural disasters.

However, it was activated in Paris following the deadly terror attacks in November 2015 — the first time it was used in the aftermath of a non-natural disaster.

It has been then activated following terror attacks in Nigeria and Ankara, Turkey.

With the safety check activated in Brussels, Facebook users in the area can reassure their loved ones they are safe with the click of a button.

However, Facebook had been assailed for the two-hour delay between the first attacks and the service being activated.

Contact via traditional phone had been spotty in Brussels, according to reports as mobile networks in Brussels had been swamped, thus making it difficult for people to check the status of their loved ones.