London: Allegations of three more affairs have erupted around the wife of Northern Ireland's beleaguered First Minister Peter Robinson.

Disgraced Iris Robinson, 60, has been sacked from the Democratic Unionist Party, which her husband leads, after revelations of an affair and irregular fin-ancial dealings with Kirk McCambley, who is 40 years her junior.

On Sunday night it was claimed that Iris had also had a relationship with McCambley's late father Billy, her butcher.

It was while she was comforting McCambley junior after his father's death from cancer in March 2008 that he and Iris began a sexual relationship.

At the time he was 19 and she was 59.

Party colleague

Iris is also alleged to have had liaisons with a party colleague in the 1980s.

Another man, who worked alongside her in the early 1990s, denied allegations that he too had an affair with her.

Claims of her relationship with McCambley senior, a wealthy East Belfast butcher and father-of-three, were reported in an Irish newspaper on Sunday.

Iris had known McCambley senior for many years. She would go into the Select Cut butcher shop several times a week, former neighbours said. But McCambley became an alcoholic. His business went under in 2005 and he was forced to sell his detached family home and move to a rented house.

Then he and his wife Yvonne broke up and he went to live with his brother. Iris, MP for Strangford, is said to have been so close to him that when he was dying she promised to take care of his youngest child, Kirk.

‘No comment'

Asked Monday about his father's alleged affair with Iris, McCambley junior, now 21, said: "There are a lot of things being said and being alleged. I really can't comment."

Months after his father's death, McCambley junior, a Roman Catholic, began an affair with Protestant Iris, during which she is said to have sneaked him into her home for sexual encounters in her marital bed.

Revelations that she secured £50,000 (Dh296,449) from two developers to help her toyboy lover set up a café in South Belfast emerged in a BBC programme last week. She then asked for £5,000 of the money for herself, it was alleged.