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Boris Johnson Image Credit: AFP

London: Boris Johnson tries to keep both moderate Conservatives and Brexiteers onside, refusing to rule out suspending Parliament to force a no-deal Brexit, even as he said the odds of a chaotic divorce were “a million-to-one against.” His efforts to appeal to pro-Brexit Tory voters risk fueling parliamentary opposition to a Johnson premiership.
Meanwhile, British prime ministerial candidate Jeremy Hunt said on Friday he would offer a cabinet job in any future government he might lead to his rival for the top job, Boris Johnson.

Former foreign minister Johnson is front-runner in the competition with Hunt, the current foreign minister, to be next leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister.

“Of course I would love to have Boris in my cabinet,” Hunt told an audience of Conservative Party members at a hustings event in Exeter, southwest England.

“Boris is someone of enormous talent … he should always have a very big role in taking things forward.” Hunt also said he would serve Johnson if Johnson won the contest, adding: “I love my current job.”