Huge flames rise from a fire in Hamburg, Germany, Sunday April 9, 2023. Police warned people in Hamburg to close their windows early on Easter Sunday after a large fire that engulfed several warehouses sent black, chemical-laden smoke drifting over the city. Image Credit: AP

Frankfurt: Police and fire officials in the German city of Hamburg warned locals of possible toxins in the air after fires broke out early on Sunday at multiple storage facilities.

Some 140 people were evacuated, and it is not yet possible to say exactly how dangerous the situation is, a police spokesperson said.

Authorities said the fire began around 4 a.m. in Rothenburgsort, just a few kilometres southeast of central Hamburg, and that the smoke cloud was moving in the direction of the city centre.

A spokesperson with the fire department said they had reduced the threat level somewhat, even though the fire was still burning at midday, but that people should remain indoors with windows closed.


Multiple police, fire and other emergency workers were at the scene as a thick cloud of dark smoke billowed upwards.

The police spokesperson said the sky had darkened as a result, but the weather made it difficult to determine how much was smoke and how much was clouds.