Philadelphia: Detectives in the US are hunting a transgender ‘doctor' suspected of fatally botching an operation to enlarge the buttocks of an aspiring British dancer.

The unlicensed medical practitioner is believed to have carried out the illegal procedure on Claudia Aderotimi in a hotel room after they met on the internet.

Aged in her 30s, the unnamed woman apparently endured a similar procedure as part of a sex change operation.

Miss Aderotimi, a 20-year-old Burberry shop assistant, had silicone injections in her backside in a bid to boost her chances of starring in music videos.

But she suffered a heart attack on Tuesday after the £1,200 (Dh4,406) treatment in Philadelphia, a top-up to similar jabs last year. Aderotimi, born in Westminster to a British father and Nigerian mother, had vowed never to have them again. Police identified the suspect after raiding the home of a ‘fixer' who had introduced the pair.

Thriving trade

The woman faces involuntary manslaughter charges which could lead to up to ten years in jail. A police source said: "There is a thriving trade in these sort of procedures and the injectors travel from state to state."

Detectives say that industrial silicone — used as bath sealant — may have been used on the British woman and leaked into her bloodstream.

Legitimate buttock enlargements use fillers in sealed plastic bags and can cost around £7,000.

Aderotimi, a fan of big-bottomed singer Beyonce Knowles, had travelled to the US with three friends to have the procedure.