Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Social media users are calling Prince Harry a “thief”. Why? Because he stole a samosa.

In a video that went viral, Prince Harry was seen at an event being “naughty” -  he took some food and hid it behind his back. He made his way to a group of people and noticed a camera to his right. Realising he had been “caught red-handed” by the press, he laughed and smiled like “a schoolboy”.

The video was originally posted on Twitter by the British television network, ITV on the @itvnews Twitter account on September 20. It has been viewed more than 40,000 times and was shared by many.

Tweep @hopesdesire sided with Prince Harry and said: “Man’s gotta eat!”

The video shows him trying hard to hide the samosa as he got into his car to leave. Online users loved his “carefree attitude” and some even said they could relate to the Prince’s behaviour.

@wallymcc added: “This was great. He was just hungry, lol. He was happy and carefree the whole day.”

Others commented on Prince Harry’s expression when he realised he was in trouble, and online users called him a “kid in a candy shop”. His reaction also became an instant meme.

@mspreciousmetal posted: “His reaction to him noticing the camera has spotted him, priceless… He is seriously the best.”

The Duke of Sussex was at an event for the Hubb Kitchen Community’s charity cookbook launch, which his wife, Meghan Markle, helped with. Markle wrote the foreword of the book and according to reports, this was her first big project as a royal.

According to Penguin publishing’s website: “In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, a group of local women gathered together to cook fresh food for their families and neighbours… discovered the power of cooking and eating together to create connections, restore hope and normality, and provide a sense of home. This was the start of the Hubb Community Kitchen.”