British mum's tweet about makes extra lunch for son’s starving friend goes viral
British mum's tweet about makes extra lunch for son’s starving friend goes viral Image Credit: Twitter/@flaminhaystacks

A British woman’s gesture of kindness is touching hearts on Twitter after she posted about how she has been sending extra lunch for her son’s starving classmate.

With over 11.3 million views and thousands of comments, tweeps are saying that the world needs more kind-hearted people like her.

Last week, a woman named Antonia (@flaminhaystacks) tweeted: “My son made friends with a young man at college who, he noticed over the last few weeks, isn't eating anything. He's started sharing his lunch with him and the young man confessed he is starving. I now make two packed lunches so they can both concentrate on doing well in class.”

Along with her tweet, she shared a picture of the extra sandwich and snacks that she had packed.

Many Twitter users applauded her for being thoughtful and going out of her way to help the starving student.

Tweep @CPMumma79 wrote: “That’s kind Antonia. It hurts my heart to see so many people struggling to even have the basics.”

Many others, who had faced a similar financial situation during their college or university days, commented to thank her.

Twitter user @Brig_Supernova wrote: “You have clearly raised an empathetic, aware young man with a good heart. So nice that his new friend accepts the lunches, too. I've been too poor to afford school food and know how shameful it feels, even if it's not our fault. Good job, mama.”

Tweep @scxttxyz posted: “When I was young all my friends' parents did this for me. Made up the couch, and ended up moving in and bouncing around an amazing support group of friends’ parents. They saved my life and helped make me who I am today. Forever be grateful for their gestures and make sure they know how much they impacted my life. Thank you.”

Many replied to offer to donate for groceries to help support the young man.

@TheJoeySwoll wrote: “Thank you for being kind and compassionate. Your son as well. We need more people like you. I know I speak for many here when I say if there’s a way we can help pay for the groceries to help feed that young man we would love to help.”

@flaminhaystacks later replied to people: “I love this thread. I mean, I only made a few sandwiches but you can read so many stories of how people have done incredible things for others. Some truly amazing people in this world who step up for others in their time of need without question. It's beautiful.”